Our Story

Established in 1995, Great Lakes Sire Service (GLSS) offers custom semen cyropreservation for beef, dairy, cervidae, and ovine species. GLSS began in 1995 as a mobile lab providing strictly on-farm collection and freezing services. Today we have grown to a permanent facility that can safely house and handle bulls of all size. Our services have expanded to include breeding soundness evaluations, semen collection & processing as well as semen storage & shipments worldwide.

The permanent facility, located in southern Michigan can house 50 bulls and provides boarding for bulls needing regular collections or larger quantities of semen for the producers or other A.I. companies. Semen is processed in the lab and stored in GLSS tanks until shipment to the client or their customers.

In January of 2001 GLSS became CSS health certified and in 2011, a member of the National Association of Animal Breeders. Certified semen services (CSS), a subsidiary of National Association of Animal Breeders, provides auditing services to ensure the health and identity of semen processed by its 33 member organizations. With no other custom operated CSS participants in Michigan, Ohio or Indiana, beef and dairy producers have the opportunity to offer their customers semen processed under stringent health standards. Commercial AI studs and progressive cattlemen marketing semen can now have semen collected in Southern Michigan and shipped anywhere, including many foreign countries.

In 2010 we completed our new facility which includes a walk in cooler for semen processing and allows the storage, shipping, laboratory, and offices to be under one roof. We have also added more large storage tanks to give us the capacity to house over 500,000 straws. Over 80 vapor shippers are available throughout the year to ship semen domestically. Semen to be transferred or shipped from our facility requires a release form to be submitted online or via fax. Please refer to the Shipping Services page to submit a shipping release.

Whitetail customers can still capture the value of Great Lakes Sire Service processing techniques and services through our allied cooperators that will do the on-farm collection. These cooperators include Applied Reproductive Services (Dr. Rachel Weiss) and Sugarcreek Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Shane Donley).

For over eight years, Great Lakes Sire Service has provided bovine collection for sexed semen. In 2010, Great Lakes Sire Service became a more active participant in developing sexed semen trials for the whitetail industry. GLSS has working relationships with Sexing Technologies as well as Trans-Ova to help meet your needs.

We encourage visitors to stop in Monday through Friday during regular business hours to tour our facility. To obtain more information on our services or to schedule your next collection, please call us at 269-489-9888.