Bovine Services

  • Semen Collection, Processing, Storage & Shipment
  • Breeding Soundness Evaluation
  • Boarding Facilities
  • Nitrogen Tank Storage & Maintenance
  • Export Qualified

Quality Control

As a member of NAAB-CSS we pass regular audits and observations of our practices and procedures to endure we maintain a high level of disease control of semen produced for AI.

We are the only Michigan based member of the National Association of Animal Breeders and CSS. Click here to learn more about the role CSS plays in our industry.

CSS - National Association of Animal BreedersCSS - National Association of Animal Breeders

Individual Attention

Your bulls don’t get lost in the shuffle at Great Lakes Sire Service. Our small, well-trained staff makes sure each bull is treated as a special case.


We have worked with more than 30 breeds of cattle, as well as sheep, swine, goats and deer. We know what it takes to help your sires reach their maximum genetic potential.


Our custom facility allows us to handle large, mature bulls with ease. Our specially designed pens and trained mount animals keep both handler and bull out of harms way for quick and easy collection.


Your bull will receive special treatment while staying at Great Lakes Sire Service. We provide different types of housing including large individual pens, individual and outdoor group pens.

The outdoor pens feature shelter from the elements as well as plenty of space for exercise. We feel these larger pens offer plenty of exercise to help keep your animal healthy.

Requirements & Forms

Bulls coming into GLSS must have the following documents on file prior to delivery:

    Pre-Delivery Health Requirements

    • Physical examination – conducted by an accredited veterinarian
    • Tuberculosis-negative intradermal tuberculosis test
    • Brucellosis-official test of state where bull is located
    • Lepto 5
    • BVDV (ELISA)
    • Trichomaniasis PCR
    semen storage
    semen storage
    semen storage